A look back at how Tequila became a Stampede Staple and the spirit of choice for cowboys and cowgirls

Cody, Wyoming

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cody, Wyoming, the Cody Stampede is an annual event that consistently captures the imaginations and hearts of locals and visitors nationwide. 

The Cody Stampede is a deep-rooted tradition that unites people in an exciting celebration of the enduring spirit of the American West. From the thrilling rodeo competitions to the live music, vibrant entertainment, authentic food and spirits, the Cody Stampede offers an array of attractions that appeal to all ages and tastes. 

Beyond the rodeo, the cowboys here in Cody have been innovating the sport, embracing new cultures and keeping traditions alive for the world to enjoy.

A true celebration of American History and the Embrace of new Traditions in the West

This year, the excitement has reached new heights with the announcement that Tequila Comisario is a proud sponsor of this time-honored celebration.  Tequila Comisario s a distinguished brand celebrated for its small batch, handcrafted recipe, traditional processes, purist approach and exquisite flavor.  Tequila Comisario’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence makes it an ideal partner for the Cody Stampede, as it was here at the Cody Stampede cowboys and tequila traditions began.  Back in the early 19th century the team here in Cody travelled to a rodeo in Mexico, it was in the city of Jalisco where they first tried and fell in love with the vibrant culture and the spirit of Tequila, sure everyone back home would enjoy it too, they brought it back and featured it at the Cody Stampede, and cemented tequila in American history and in the hearts of cowboys across the nation.


Now, with the sponsorship of Tequila Comisario, attendees can look forward to an even more extraordinary and memorable experience to elevate their spirits and celebrate American tradition. Raise a glass to cowboys of Cody.


 From its humble beginnings to its current status as a rodeo powerhouse, the Cody Stampede is a testament to the enduring spirit of the West. Whether you’re a seasoned rodeo fan or a newbie, make sure to put the Cody Stampede on your bucket list.  Still not sure, tune into our social channels for updates live from the Cody Stampede July 1-4 and you will be likely planning your trip out to the Cody Stampede next year.   As for tomorrow, the Cody Stampede is constantly evolving, embracing new traditions while honoring its rich history.

If you find yourself in Cody, Wyoming during this rodeo season, make it a point to visit the VIP tent in The Chute Pavilion. Raise a glass of Tequila Comisario, sponsoring great achievements across America since its inception and toast with us to this cherished tradition. 

Tequila Comisario Anejo aged for 23 months in American Oak Barrels

Once inside the Cody Stampede, come by the VIP Tent at the Chute Pavilion to elevate your spirit with Tequila Comisario.

July 1-4 2024

Tequila Comisario, celebrate the present, honor the past and embrace the future