Humble Beginnings

Tequila Comisario:  Humble Beginnings

Our Story

“Exquisite taste and passion for the one thing you enjoy most is something worth sharing”.

Creating Tequila for those who share the refined taste of spirits was Dr. Morita's mission: that’s what brought him to Mexico a few years ago. In Los Altos de Jalisco, he met the Aceves family, and together they created the "World's Best Tasting Tequila."

Thanks to a long and successful career and a lifestyle enjoying the best spirits worldwide, Dr. Morita developed a superb mature taste. Appreciating good quality tequila brought him to the rising segment of luxury tequila in the early 2000s. As is often the case, the dream became a complex challenge; internationalizing a traditional alcoholic beverage, backed by strict laws, is something Dr. Morita continuously fought for and successfully achieved. Partnering with NBA star Rick Darnell and his partner Steve Rice has been a significant step towards a successful brand positioning. When Elite Beverage International joined the team, they successfully established Tequila Comisario in 40 states across the USA and other countries.

The production process of Comisario has been the mantra of the brand and key to new partnerships: Blue Agave Tequilana Weber, grown for 6 to 7 years, discarding 45% of heads and tails from the distillation tank, resulting in a total of 4.5 kilograms of agave required per bottle. Before aging in American oak barrels, it goes through a strict oxygenation process for delivering outstanding balance between agave fruit and barrel notes. The specific aging process gives it a particular complexity, acquiring twice previously used barrels for subtle impact upon agave flavors and finishing off in California Cabernet barrels for further complexity and wine notes.