Tequila Comisario

100% All Natural, Estate- Grown, Small-Batch, Handcrafted

Tequila Comisario® known to create tequila connoisseurs. Tequila Comisario® expressions are defined as elegant, balanced, elevated, and distinguished.

Tequila Comisario

Tequila Comisario

Tequila Comisario

Extra Anejo

Tequila Comisario
Combo Pack

Quadruple Double Gold Slam

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Tequila Comisario®
Limited Edition

Dia de Los Muertos Limited Edition Gift

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prefer Tequila Comisario®

All Natural

100% Pure Blue Weber Agave with no additives.

Whole Heart

We use more Agave Heart than any other Tequila Brand.

Estate Grown

Arandas, Jalisco, the heart of the golden triangle

Small Batch

We are dedicated to sustainable and responsible practices

Hand Crafted

A unique and distinguished recipe

Master Distillers

Our master distillers offer education and product knowledge training

Tequila Comisario®
unique master Distillery

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Our Story

We are master distillers, environmentalists and connoisseurs, and in seeking perfection in all three, we have created the world's best tasting tequila.

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