Tequila Comisario June Newsletter

June was filled with exciting events, awards and triumphs for our team and our expressions.

Often mentioned in these pages, we are the most awarded brand since its release in April 2018. Barely 5 years old and so much has happened in our world, with COVID taking our lifestyle from us for nearly 3.5 years, yet in spite of that pause Comisario has achieved much, now in 40+ states, and multiple gains in the USA and abroad, to be addressed in the following paragraphs.

We have often talked about the incredible “Triple Gold” achievements for Comisario (which we believe are still unprecedented in our world). Well, the blessings continue as we
have now received a “Quadruple Double Gold” – all four expressions, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo,
Extra Añejo, received Double Gold at the 2023 Enthusiast Report Tequila Tasting, held May
2023, Incredible and thank you. We also received a Platinum Medal for our Añejo at the TAG
Global Awards earlier this year.

Winner Gold BTI June 2023 Tequila Comisario
As you read the pages below, a special thanks to Gavin Maloof and his entire family – Colleen, Joe, Gavin, George, Phil, Adrienne. Their involvement with us has opened doors and opportunities that would have been inconceivable to open in such a short period of time. Certainly, keeping our National Sales team very busy – Hooray!
A few notes on the Marketing side: We have been continuously spending on a regional basis throughout the country:

PLAYERS TAILGATE | SUPERBOWL 2024 Las Vegas Tequila Comisario is the exclusive / “Official Tequila Partner” of Bullseye Event Group and will be promoted as such on Bullseye Event Group’s marketing assets. The only Tailgate Party sanctioned by the NFL.

We co-sponsored the new Pro Padel League – the Las Vegas Smash, co-owned by Gavin Maloof won the inaugural Season Championship – congratulations. By the way as of this writing his Las Vegas Golden Knights team has won the Stanley Cup Final.

Marcia Hartman works together with Gavin Maloof,  in executing, contacting, and “getting it done” for the multiple events/tastings / functions/guests, etc. that are critical to the success of Comisario. Marcia and Sean Valladon (NV Regional Manager) are a team without rivals.

Caruso Racing sponsorship with Camrie Caruso winning rookie of the year last year at the tender age of 24 and already winning 1 race in this new 2023 season – great future ahead for her and our brand as well. 

Caruso Racing sponsorship with Camrie Caruso winning rookie of the year last year at the tender age of 24 and already winning 1 race in this new 2023 season – great future ahead for her and our brand as well. The team is doing various appearances and signings for Comisario throughout their race calendar.

Billboards throughout Las Vegas through all of 2023.

Truck side advertising with various distributors as their trucks make deliveries daily.

CW Spirits are one of our key online sales outlets, combining the power of social networks with multiple influencers and hundreds of cases in the past few months. 

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