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Worlds Best Tequila - 100% Additive Free Tequila - 100% Pure Blue Weber Agave

Comisario MASTERCLass


Estate grown in Los Altos Peaks, 8000 ft above sea level at the heart of the golden triangle.  Bottled in the village of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico.


Approximately 7 years for each plant to mature, harvested at the peak of perfection based on sugar content by skilled Jimadors in Arandas.


Exquisitely curated by chefs in Jalisco, the Aceves brothers have worked tirelessly alongside our founders to achieve all of our tequilas.


Experienced, generational, dedicated chefs, maestros and jimadors have hands in our very unique and exquisite process from seed to sip.


Traditional mill juicing, we gently juice the agave fibres, extracting the pure agave fruit juice without any added impurities from the fibre.


Tequila Comisario chefs cook the agave low and slow in a unique dual method of gentle steam and traditional brick ovens for 36 hours.


Tequila Comisario expressions are all double distilled using our unique and proprietary method to tone the recipe and flavors.


Tequila Comisario expressions are cold filtered to clear the tequila of any unwanted particulates from the end product in our process.


Once distilled, all of the Tequila Comisario expressions are oxygenated to deliver a smooth and creamy Tequila with bright agave notes.


Our tequilas are aged in Cabarnet and American Oak Barrels the longer they are aged, the depth of color and flavor from our toasted barrels are distinguished.

Frequently Asked Questions? Answered

Agave, is commonly thought of as a cactus species, however, it is actually a succulent. There are more than 200 species of Agave. Tequila is made from the Agave tequilana, or more commonly known as the Blue Weber Agave, which is native to Mexico.  Agave have a long history of cultural importance to the people of Mexico far beyond Tequila.  The leathery leaves have strong fibres, and have been used for centuries to make goods such as rope, sandals, mats and brushes.

A 1977 Mexican law, NORMA OFICIAL MEXICANA, NOM-006-SCFI-201, requires tequila makers to use Blue Weber in accordance with the “Declaración de Denominación de Origen Tequila” or “Appellation of Origin Declaration,” which specifies the region and methods for tequila production. While the law only requires tequila to be made from at least 51% Blue Weber Agave, Tequila Comisario tequilas are made 100% of Pure Blue Weber Agave the Agave tequilana with zero additives. The process is long, the task is great but the results are exquisite.

A Blanco tequila is called White or Silver due to its color, it is sometimes referred to as the purest expression of a Tequila Maestro or brand, as it will never be rested or aged, its flavor profile is all its own.  The best way to try a Blanco is to first sip it neat.  This experience will tell you everything you need to know about a tequila before you mix it into cocktails.  Ultra Premium tequilas made from 100% pure blue weber agave without any additives are a clean alcohol when done right you will notice less dehydration or side effects on your body after consumption.

Reposado translated means rested, in terms of tequila, this essentially means that it is aged slightly, it rests inside barrels after the entire distillation process occurs which varies brand to brand.  Comisario oxygenates and cold filters its tequila expression prior to any aging or resting.  Blanco becomes Reposado after resting inside American Oak Barrels for 7 months before it is bottled.  This rest period gives Reposado its amber color as it takes on flavors and notes of the wood barrel the maturation and oxygenation that occurs alters the flavor profiles and reduces any slight acidity that may be present in a Blanco tequila which you will notices as tropical fruits or citrus notes mature into a matured sweetness and more complex profile.  Preferences are entirely personal when it comes to aging, you may prefer the brighter notes of a Blanco while some crave the smoother ripened notes of the rested or aged expressions.

The organic compounds in the tequila react with the oak, breaking down long chain proteins through oxidation and maturation. The barrel selection contributes to the flavors, aromas, notes and experience created.
Aging tequila will change color, the longer the aged tequila spends inside its time capsule the deeper the color it will have once bottled.  Beyond appearances, the flavor profiles change with every passing year, the results yielded are vastly different due to the chemical changes occuring as the tequila interacts with the organic wood compounds.  Typically the aging process produces a balanced flavor, a smooth finish, sometimes sweeter, accentuated notes, aromas are further enhanced with each passing year the tequila is aged.  

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